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A specialized Groshi Museum of money is a new project in the Republic of Belarus dedicated to the history of money circulation on the territory of our country. The exhibition represents only the original coins and banknotes that have been used in Belarus since the II century starting with The Roman Empire and ending with the present. We have tried to collect them as fully as possible and put them in one place so that anyone can freely get acquainted with the exhibition.

Money is a mirror of the state and of what is happening in there. Therefore, through coins and banknotes, we want to show our history and a difficult path our people went through on the way to achieve their own independence. In addition, it was important for us to reflect the true greatness and beauty of the Belarusian nature; the diversity and deep historical roots of our culture and language, as well as the names of the glorious sons of the Belarusian nation which every resident of Belarus can and should be proud of.

Through the history of money circulation we can learn a lot about the features of a certain epoch in which our ancestors had to live and sometimes to survive. Political, economic, cultural life has always left its mark on the coins and banknotes that were in circulation on the territory of Belarus. All of this suggests that due to the study of money circulation, each person will discover a lot of new information and it certainly won't be useless. 

In the exposition of our Museum you can see paper money and coins of the Roman Empire, the Grand Duchy of Lithuania, of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, of the Russian Empire, of the Provisional government, of Poland, Ukraine, of the German occupation period during the First and the Second world wars, local money of Belarusian cities during the Civil war, paper money and coins of the Soviet regime and of the already independent Republic of Belarus in a chronological order. In addition, it is necessary to emphasize a collection of commemorative coins of the National Bank of the Republic of Belarus, which actually became a hobby of collecting of Andrei Misko, the Founder and Director of our Museum. In addition to coins and banknotes, the Museum collection includes exhibits related to money circulation: coupons, bonds, stamps, etc.

Future plans are to expand the exhibition both chronologically and thematically including the placement of exhibits from other collections. 

The Museum's information and reference system allows visitors to get more detailed information about the sections of the exposition and certain exhibits using touch screens. In addition, you can learn and see the coins and banknotes of earlier periods of the history of Belarus, which are not yet reflected in our Museum.

In addition, the Museum has a shopping area where you can buy various coins and banknotes as well as souvenirs.


Working hours: 10am - 7pm



15.00 BYN

*Schoolchildren and students

10.00 BYN


10.00 BYN 


children under 6

participants of the Second World War 




** Upon relevant documents


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