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Just out at the trading area

A rare set of belarusian coins "Skaryna's path" is on sale now in the shop of the money museum GROSHI.

The set of coins "Skaryna's path" consists of 6 coins of silver 925 jewellery. Each of them is dedicated to a separate city connected with the life of the Belarusian printing pioneer and educator. For example, the city of Polotsk where he was born or the city of Padua in Italy where he defended his medical degree.

The special charm of coins is achieved with the help of a special oxidation technology - they have acquired a dark patina of history. All 6 coins are placed in a special wooden case. A total of 100 sets of such sets are made! And they are really rare specimens!


Where to buy the set

Money Museum GROSHI sells commemorative coins of the National Bank of Belarus made of precious metals (gold, silver and copper-nickel) for collections as well as for souvenirs and gifts.

Take a look at the list and prices of commemorative coins of the National Bank of Belarus, check availability and request a purchase at or call + 375 (29) 198-90-90 or directly at the museum at Zybitskaya, 6, Minsk.

Набор из пяти монет Беларуси "Православные Святые"

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